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Cagill returns for a second year

It’s fun e-biking in the Cotswolds!

10th August 2018 | Categories: Bikes, Cotswolds, Cycling, Uncategorised

It must be fun e-biking in the Cotswolds as so many of my guests re-book or recommend the tour to friends and family. Andy and Elaine, from Bedford, started with me on regular bikes five years ago and have come back every year, for the last two years on e-bikes. As weekend warrior cyclists the e-bikes enable them to go far further than they could comfortably manage on a regular bike, but also lets them choose how much of a workout they want, just by changing the power settings. And the Cotswolds are so lovely, that they don’t mind if they revisit places that they may have seen several years earlier – we always have great fun together when they re-book!

Having organised a trip for a group of friends to celebrate their graduation from Warwick University in 2017, Cagill re-booked another tour for her family and friends from London and Australia this summer.  A guided e-bike is a great way to truly experience and learn about the Cotswold’s ever-changing countryside, with the freedom to stop where ever you want to savour the fragrance of the summer air or photograph the landscape Happy guests returnCagill returns for a second year.