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Enjoy an e-bike vacation with children

10th July 2018 | Categories: Bikes, Cotswolds, Cycling, e-bike holiday

You can enjoy an e-bike vacation with children or a day tour in the Cotswolds with our electric tandem. UK law means that children must be 14 or over before they can take to the road on an e-bike. Krishnan and his family travelled all the way from Delhi, India, for an active holiday that his family could enjoy in beautiful and historic surroundings. With his youngest daughter riding on the back of the tandem and his eldest daughter with her own e-bike, the family were able to explore a host of pre-planned routes in the Cotswolds without having to worry about struggling up the hills. Their two centre break used the historic Highway Inn in Burford http://www.thehighwayinn.co.uk/ and the award winning King’s Head in Bledington https://thekingsheadinn.net/ (Good Pub Guide, “Pub of the Year 2018) enabling them to explore a variety of the best known locations in the North Cotswolds, plus many hidden gems not on the usual tourist circuit. With all the accommodation, routes and bag moves organised as part of their vacation package, all they needed to do was come along and enjoy a truelyE-tandem and e-bike memorable experience. As more people discover that electric bikes are the best way to get up close and personal with the Cotswolds, others are realising that it is also the perfect location for an active family holiday!