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Twice the fun on electric tandem tours!

26th February 2018 | Categories: Bikes, Cotswolds, Cycling, e-bike holiday, General

For 2018 we now offer electric tandem tours – UK laws do not allow children under the age of 14 years to ride electric bikes on public roads, but they can ride on the back of an electric tandem.

The electric tandem’s rear saddle and handle bars are adjustable enabling the bike can accommodate riders of a minimum height of around 1.4m (4 ft 6 in) in height. It is designed so that the adult on the front and rider on the rear can enjoy a relaxing upright “cruiser” style riding position – perfect for enjoying the Cotswold scenery!

Setting off is made easy by the inclusion of a twist throttle which takes the tandem smoothly up to around 6 kph (4 mph), so there are no worries about having to co-ordinate pedalling to get started. The tandem also has four power modes to provide increasing levels of assistance, depending on the terrain and a large battery with enough power to handle the demands of a full tour. The gears, gear shifters and the disc brakes are standard bike components making the tandem easy to ride and control – you don’t need to have ridden a tandem before to feel completely at home riding this one.

But the tandem is not just for families with older children – it is a great way to ride with a partner or friend to discover the stunning Cotswold countryside in 2018 on a Cotswold Electric Bike Tour. What could be more romantic or memorable that sharing a guided tour of some of England’s finest countryside on a summer’s day on an electric tandem?Electric tandem tours