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A perfect day for peaceful tour (eventually!)

15th May 2017 | Categories: Bikes, Cotswolds, Cycling, General

With warm spring weather and a route planned on quiet country lanes, Sunday’s tour from Moreton promised to be perfect for Simon, Cathy, Mike and Yvonne – I hadn’t counted on a Porche owners club deciding to use my regular route for their Cotswold excursion. All the drivers were very polite, but it needed a quick route deviation to give them the slip at Upper Swell, otherwise I think we may have their company for the whole morning!

Once normal service was restored, we were able to enjoy the tranquillity of Lower Slaughter and pressed on all the way to Stanton for a late lunch. Keen to see as much as possible of the north Cotswolds on such a beautiful day, as no one was in a rush to get back, we arrived back in Moreton a little later than advertised with a great sense of achievement.DSCF3689_opt