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Happy guests!

18th December 2019 | Categories: Uncategorised

Christmas came early last week when a parcel arrived unexpectedly from happy guests back home in the USA. Having greatly enjoyed their time riding in the Cotswolds I was delighted to receive their best wishes and thanks:

“Hi Peter, What a treat it was to have you as our guide! The routes, lodgings (and weather too!) were perfect – down to the one rainy day that you gave us a chance to see some of the sites we would have missed otherwise. And it was such a bonus to have you along to help interpret the culture and the politics of the region – it really enhanced the trip. Thanks so much for going the extra mile(s) so to speak. We’d happily host you and yours in DC anytime. All the best, Jo”

The great thing about my business is getting to know lots of really lovely people and them getting to know me. Patty, Jo and Chantal clearly got to know me well, having kindly sent a “Ragbrai” beer glass (which was put immediately to good use) and an official “Ragbrai” shirt (which I intend to wear when I ride up Mount Tede on Tenerife – 7250 ft) at the end of January. One day I hope to arrange things to get to Iowa to complete the Ragbrai ride, but in the meantime, the shirt is bound to be a great conversation starter with other cyclists!Gift from happy customersHappy Cotswold bikers